Wednesday, March 11, 2009


I got an 87.5% on my school exam. Not perfect like I would have preferred, but passing nonetheless. Now on to the state. I'm really hopeful that I can get this stuff behind me find a broker I can work with. I'm guessing the biggest problem I'm going to have is finding one that is willing to take me on as a newbie. I've never sold anybody anything (unless you count garage sales & Craigslist!). What I really need is someone who's willing to put me in a mentoring situation so I can learn by doing and seeing it done. I want to learn from someone who I can respect. Someone who isn't just doing the job because it's their job but because they love doing it. I've even considered offering to come in as someone's assistant just to learn more. The only thing I worry about there is getting stuck at that position. I'm still sorting it out. I'll let you know as I'm going along.

Mamoo & I went to Master J's "Tea at the White House" thing this morning. It was very cute with all the kids dressed in their costumes. Master J did stupendously. It was amazing to watch him up there, completely focused and calm. It was such a difference from the last time he was on stage in 1st grade. For that one, he had somehow managed to take a pocketful of pretzel goldfish with him. Which he proceeded to eat throughout the performance. Dipping his hand in his pocket, popping one in his mouth and chewing away while lip-synching. And gyrating. And bumping into the kids around him. Twenty minutes of this. Until he got a piece of pocket lint instead of a goldfish. And then, oh then, the theatrics. The look of horror that crossed his face, the gagging, the spitting out into the hand and trying to figure out what it was. If it weren't so tragic it would have been comical. But not this time. I'm always proud of him but now I think he feels pretty good too.

Master J as Benjamin Franklin

Reciting his line

Being interviewed by a parent


Anonymous said...

Congrats on passing! I may know a broker you might like, down in the southwest valley. Heck, I wish it could be me, but we are on opposite ends of the planet, as far away as we are. Anyway, contact me any time.