Saturday, October 29, 2011

Size Matters

We stopped at the grocery store last night after doing Movie Night at Master J's school. We were primarily there for one item but ended up buying a bunch of steaks that were more than half off. I think we got enough for the rest of the year but whatever. Anyway, while we're standing in line Mister C decides to pick up some Hershey's bars that are labeled as a two for one sale. Master J is perusing the candy and he notices the really big Hershey bars at the end...

Master J: Hey, these are called "King Size" candy bars.
Mirth: Yup.
Master J: Where's the "Peasant Size" ones?
Mirth: Hahaha!
Mister C: What did he just say?
Mirth: He asked where the Peasant Size ones are.
Mister C: That's really funny.
Mirth: Yup.

Did I ever tell you guys about the time he requested a "Rook" size bed? He was really into chess at the time.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Horse Races

I haven't been to the races in years, maybe decades. Today, Mamoo and I went to hear Music Man sing (and Miss Lee as well) at Turf Paradise. In between things, I got to watch the races. I'm not a big gambler so after picking three losers and one winner I was only down $2.60. But it sure was fun to watch the ponies run.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Friday Night Special

This is what happens when somebody doesn't put the lid on tightly on their leftovers and I try to move it to make space for something else. Also, note that Tiberius has no issue with pushing his way to the front of the chow line even if it means going underneath the fifty pound dog. That cat has no pride whatsoever.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Karma, she is a quick b!tch

The kids had early release today and, as always, the principal sent out a voice-mail last night reminding everyone to be on their very best behavior after they got released. Apparently some of the kids did not get the message.

I picked up Master J and we went out to lunch and ran a few errands afterwards. One of those errands was to go to my least favorite box store, WallyWorld.

As we pulled into the lot, there was a large group of kids blocking most of one aisle and moving slowly across. They were not in the least concerned that they were impeding traffic being much too concerned with yelling and laughing loudly so that everyone would notice how cool they were. I parked at the first available spot and Master J and I walked passed the hoard and on into the store. Eventually the hooligans made it inside as well where they proceeded to ride scooters down the aisles, move items around, yell and laugh uproariously and make a general nuisance of themselves. We finished our shopping and headed out to our last errand.

On our way back home, we headed down the same street that WallyWorld is located on. Coming toward us was the very same hoard, now broken into two groups separated by about twenty feet. The first group was yelling and trying to get reactions from oncoming traffic. The second group was firing bottle rockets at each other and towards the traffic. Oh, so hysterically funny right? Too bad for them that not only are bottle rockets illegal in the city limits, but also that the white truck behind me wasn't just another car. It was a cop. A cop who flipped on his lights and pulled over immediately to confront the hoard.

I don't think I've laughed that hard in awhile. And when I was done laughing, I pointed out to Master J that even if everyone else is being an idiot, the best thing to do is NOT be an idiot. Because the odds are, you will get caught. And my guess is that in that situation it would have been much better to be caught by Mom & Dad.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Tonsil Removal in Adulthood

Apparently it sucks big time.

Mister C suffers from sleep apnea and has since at least his early twenties. He was told way back then that he could have his tonsils and adenoids removed and it would very likely solve his problem. He did not have the surgery done then. No, he suffered with the apnea for two full decades before finally deciding to go ahead and get his tonsils and adenoids removed. Along with some minor nasal surgery via laser just for good measure. This was last Thursday morning.

As of tonight, a full three and a half days later, he is still miserable. His pain medication, while strong, wears off about two hours before he can take it again. And eating and drinking have become a painful chore that he has to endure in order to not become dehydrated. There's about a two to three hour period, starting about a half hour after he takes the medicine, where he's actually somewhat feeling pretty good. Otherwise, not so much.

As of right now, Mister C has put himself back to bed for the night. I'm staying up for as long as possible because I don't want to miss giving him his medicine at midnight. I'm hopeful that he will start on the upswing tomorrow. And until he gets fully healed I guess I'll be doing my best nurse impersonation. Having said that, if he continues getting cranky when the meds wear off I might start wearing a name tag that says "Nurse Ratched" to remind him who's in charge. Get better babe, or else.