Monday, September 8, 2014


I can't believe it's been so long since I've been on here.  Where has the time gone?  More importantly, what have I been doing with that time?  I think this might have to be an catchup post at this point...

In the new house, the biggest thing is I'm supposed to be painting the complete interior.  That I've hit a wall and not picked up a brush in a month is a little depressing but I'll get back on it.  Eventually.  Actually, I need to get on it sooner than later since my finishing the painting is the only thing stopping us from getting new flooring.  After I spent eighteen months removing the grout from the tile a few feet at a time (and never did get it completely done), Mister C decided that we should just go ahead and get new tile instead of re-grouting.  Let it be noted that I originally wanted new tile but someone (ahem) said it would be better just to replace the grout.  If that someone had agreed with me up front, and then told me I needed to paint everything first, we would have been sitting here with new tile and fresh paint for the past year.  But whatever.  I'll get it done. 

Outside the house, the chickens are starting to produce again after a long, hot summer.  After losing eight of them last year on the hottest day of the summer, we got ten new chicks, five production reds and five barred rocks.  One of the barred rocks turned out to be our rooster, Darth.  They started producing in about February, but then slowed way down as soon as it heated up.  Yesterday I finally got a dozen eggs (out of 18 hens), which was the most I've seen in months.  Hopefully now that the monsoon is here and it's cooling off, this will become the norm.   Unfortunately along with the monsoon comes the rains.  I lost one of my girls last night with the torrential downpours.  She was older and always roosted on the floor.  The floor got flooded with six inches of water and she drowned.   She was one of the last two original hens I had. 

As far as real estate, not a whole lot going on there right now.  I sold two homes in April and that's pretty much been it.  I'm still staying licensed and keeping an eye on the market. 

The herd has expanded by two dogs, one of them unintentional, and been downsized by two fish tanks.  I'll have to come back another day to introduce the two newest members of the crew.  Suffice it to say they fit in rather well with the crazy that is our home.