Wednesday, December 31, 2008

So happy New Year and all that...

The resolutions I should have...

I resolve to keep my house cleaner.

I resolve to lose those extra pounds through a stringent diet & a crazy, Olympic training style exercise schedule.

I resolve to learn Spanish beyond my current repertoire of exchanging names & phone numbers, ordering beer and figuring out where the bathroom is.

I resolve to get a good job that relates to my field of interest (whatever that turns out to be)

I resolve to go to bed at a decent hour so I can get up at a decent hour without the assistance of my I.V. of coffee.

I resolve to give up coffee.

The resolutions I most likely will be able to keep...

I resolve to read more books, drink more coffee and consume more good food (NOT "good for me" food).

I will do my best to laugh more often, talk with my friends more often and give my son more hugs than I already do.

I resolve to "connect" with my husband more ;)

I resolve to watch more good movies as well.

I resolve to have at least six cook-outs with family and friends.

I resolve to get to California at least once this coming year, and to avoid snow at all costs.

I resolve to attempt to update my blog on a regular basis and to be sure to include at least one Master J story per week.