Monday, May 4, 2009

Can't a worker get a break?

I had to deliver some paperwork to a client today so Mister C took Master J to his swimming lessons. They got home about 15 minutes after I did and they brought pizza with them. Mister C informed me that he needed to eat in his office because he had an online class that he needed to "go" to. So Master J and I sat down at the table with our pizza and, well, you know the drill...

MJ: My class got pushed back.
Me: Huh?
MJ: My class. I was supposed to have a class at six but it got pushed back to 6:05.
Me: How do you know it got pushed back?
MJ: I got a call from Bill.
Me: Who's Bill?
MJ: He's my boss. He called me on the way home from swimming and told me that the meeting got pushed back.
Me: He's your boss?
MJ: Yeah. He's the manager of my company.
Me: I didn't know you had a job.
MJ: Well, I don't have it yet. I'm trying for it though.
Me: Really? What's the job?
MJ: You know, garbage truck driving and stuff.
Me: Oh. So what's the class for?
MJ: Well mostly it's just some helpful hints on how to drive the trucks.
Me: That makes sense. It's probably good to know how to drive them before you get the job.
MJ: Yeah. But the meeting got pushed back so I have time to eat.
Me: That's good.
MJ: It's going to be broken up into two parts too.
Me: Really?
MJ: Yeah. It's going to be 15 minutes, then a 30 minute break, then 15 more minutes. It will take about an hour all together.
Me: It's nice that they give you a break in the middle.
MJ: Yeah. Well, I gotta go get on the call. Thanks for dinner.
Me: Not a problem. See you in an hour.

Ya think he's been listening to Mister C too much?


K-Mom said...

I think you might have a future writer on your hands. He's very creative and with such detail!