Friday, March 26, 2010

A grand entrance by any definition

Lately I've been getting up about a half an hour before Master J in order to have some quiet time to myself before I start my day. I usually drink my (no longer sugared) coffee and check my emails to see what emergency came in over night. Then I start putting together Master J's lunch and coffee thermos for the day. This is usually about the time he comes wandering down the hall and greets me.

This morning, as I was futzing around the kitchen, I heard his door open up. And then I heard his music get decidedly louder. So I popped my head into the hall to see what Master J was up to. I'm not even sure I could adequately describe what was marching down the hall, but I'll give it a shot.

On his feet were his boot-style slippers, which the pant legs to his pajamas were tucked in to. He was wearing his green hooded sweatshirt with the hood pulled up and sunglasses. Around his neck, and flapping behind him as he walked, he had tied one of his blankets, the one with Pooh on it.

Master J was striding purposefully down the hall to the beat of the music. When he got to the bathroom door, he executed a smart right turn into it and flipped the door closed without looking at it.

So which song was playing for his grand entrance? Why, the theme music that's played every time Darth Vadar is striding somewhere of course. God I love that kid!


Anonymous said...

What a visual and so early in the morning:-) This will be his saving grace, the ability to make us laugh and have a good time while he is doing it! God I love my grandson, he is a joy to behold..