Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Four days in Baltimore

Miss Lee and BJ hamming it up at the Harbor

My gorgeous cousin BJ (she's a senior citizen now by some standards, no lie)

Miss Lee posing in front of one of the ships

Some local wildlife on a "party boat"

We decided to hit the National Aquarium because it was a 1000 degrees outside. It was totally worth the price of admission. Here's a beautiful sailfin tang who was kind enough to pose for me (as always, thanks Bo!)

Miss Lee, Ninny, myself and Mamoo hanging out on the deck.

Ninny, BJ and Mamoo posing nicely.

A more realistic view of what was going on.

Ninny...all 80 pounds of ornery.

We just had to see her new hair growing in


Anonymous said...

You should have gotten a comment just for the wildlife pic alone, you know these are endangered species with you and the girls around:-)

Bo said...

That's a sailfin tang, btw. :-)

AKT said...

What a wonderful group of beautiful women. And the dude on the boat with the six pack was not so shabby either!