Saturday, July 17, 2010

The day the a/c died...(again)

We played this tune last year around this time as well. The a/c went out, we called the warranty company and they sent someone out to fix it. Of course it takes a full business day for them to call back just to set up the appointment. Luckily it happened early in the week. So last year we went to Lowe's just before they closed and picked up two window a/c units. One for our room, one for the room where Master J would be sleeping. And then we buried ourselves in our respective rooms until the main a/c got fixed two days later.

So here we are this year. In sunny Arizona. In July. Aaannnddd....yup, the a/c failed again. We got our two units from last year's breakdown out and started them up right away. Because this time, the failure happened late on a Friday. Which means we won't even get the call back to set up the appointment until some time on Monday. Which means we won't have an appointment until at least Tuesday or Wednesday and it could be Thursday or Friday until it's actually fixed. Which means we went back out to Lowe's and purchased two more window units because it's going to be a long six or so days of 110+ degrees outside and 90+ degrees inside. Excuse me while I go sweat underneath a ceiling fan.


Madison said...

Gosh with all those window units, its almost worth switching to those and turning the a/c off semi-permanently. Why run up the electric bill now that you have 4 window units? But if that is not what you want to do, I hope you get it fixed soon.

Mirth said...

Thanks Madison. Supposedly the ac guy is on the way as I type. Mostly my biggest issue with the window units is that they are so darn loud. We can't have a conversation while sitting in our family room because the unit is right next to the couch. They do seem to keep it fairly cool though, which is a complete godsend considering it's hovering around 110 outside right now.

stephanielynn said...

oh noo!!!!! that stinks!!! i cant believe it gets that hot there!!! its supposed to rain here though! hopefully you stay cool!