Thursday, September 23, 2010


I went back to visit a good friend in Omaha a week ago. On Saturday, we took our cameras out and toured the city. Or at least the older areas of the city. One thing that Omaha has plenty of is history. I love the old brick buildings, the castle-like churches, brick paved streets and the advertisements that still adorn the sides of buildings. It's a photographer's haven. I'm not a great photographer, but I sure like to try.

Kountze Memorial Lutheran (est. 1857)

First Presbyterian Church (est. 1860, this building was built in 1915)

Memorial Chapel at First Presbyterian

The Rose Theater, originally opened in 1927 as the Riviera

Advertising on several of the buildings in the Old Market.

Lion at the Hindu temple (the temple was completed in 2004)

One of two elephants at the steps to the Hindu temple


Anonymous said...

Beautiful pics and architecture! Glad you had a good time:-)

AKT said...

Love the pictures Kelly. Next time you're in town, please call! Miss you.