Monday, February 28, 2011

Thank you note from Master J

I ran across this thank you note in Master J's backpack recently. It was some sort of assignment they had on letter writing. It's translated below due to the fact that while Master J's intelligence is high, his handwriting is atrocious.


Dear Mom,

Thank you very much for the electric guitar. I was so excited I couldn't express myself. Now I can play Star Wars. I love the guitar. It was the best gift ever! It was even better than legos! It must have cost a lot of $$$ (money). I hope you are not broke. What was your favorite gift?


Master J


Anonymous said...

What a nice note and I bet you were surprised to read that he liked his guitar even better than his legos..What a sweet thank you letter,but then again I wouldn't expect anything less coming from my sweet grandson..

Mirth said...

I just loved the line "I hope you are not broke." It made me smile, but it also made me glad that he's somewhat cognizant of the fact that things cost money and that there is a finite amount of that. All these weeks/months/years of dividing his allowance between bank/church/wallet must be starting to pay off.

Anonymous said...

I agree,you certainly are teaching him about finances and how to be a saver. You should be proud of his accomplishments,and yours as his mother.