Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Journey Continues

Last September I joined Weight Watchers because I had plateaued in losing weight on my own after only losing five pounds. From the time I joined to when I stopped going in May I lost an additional six pounds.

To be fair, that's after losing eighteen pounds and then gaining back twelve over the past few months. Those eighteen came off fairly painlessly in the first four months. But then they changed the way they do things. Now, I'm not going to bash Weight Watchers or their system because I think they are really a very good program that works for a lot of people. Besides, I loved our group leader. Seriously, there should have been a two drink minimum to go see her perform every week, she's just that entertaining. But, somewhere between the Points System and the Points Plus plan, I got lost. Either it got too complicated for my little brain to handle or I'm just so stubborn that I can't ever change direction (Mister C, you just shush!) It doesn't matter the why, it just matters that I could no longer successfully work the program.

So after gaining back almost all of what I had lost, I decided to try something else. Two weeks ago, I started keeping track of what I ate every day. Nothing fancy, nothing revolutionary, just keep track of it on a spreadsheet of sorts on my Mac. After doing that for a week, I looked over the results and said "hmmm, no wonder I'm fat." Big surprise that my caloric intact was higher than I expected and not conducive to weight loss.

After figuring this out I did a little research to try and pinpoint what my caloric intact should be on any given day. And then I tried to stick to that amount, within reason. That was really the only rule I had for this past week. I didn't make any foods off limits. If I wanted to eat something, I just had to fit whatever I was eating into my daily calories. I've even eaten french fries and a milkshake. Additionally, I wanted to have some exercise during the week. I didn't set out to run a marathon or climb a mountain, just to add in some form of exercise a few times a week.

Sounds pretty simple, no? I was really hoping that by doing these few things I would be able t lose two pounds in the week. I would have even taken a one pound loss since I knew I was really doing the bare minimum of what I needed to do. Well, I didn't lose two pounds, or even one. I lost four and a half. Guess I'll do it for one more week.


Anonymous said...

Congrats dear daughter!Hopefully your journey to find the best "live it" lifestyle is with this one. It works for you because it doesn't give you restrictions and with your "sweet" personality that's the key:-)