Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Almost there...

So I've got both tanks set up and running. I had a broken part on one of my older filters that I had to replace before it could run properly but it's all good now. I still haven't moved everyone to where they'll eventually end up but that's only because I'm trying to give the newly added cichlids a chance to grow before I move my big boy over. As it is, I didn't even get a chance to get a picture of my N.brichardi as my female N.venustus decimated both of them before twenty four hours had passed.

When I started this project I only had one cichlid left from my original batch after Mister C's great "Whoops! I didn't know fish needed air!" debacle of 2010 and that was my female N. venustus "Vinny" (I didn't know she was a she when I got her.) Last year I added my P. polleni "Frank" and I've been watching him grow ever since. My plan all along was to have both of them in the 125 gallon tank and I knew I had plenty of room to add some new ones.

So two days ago I acquired three electric yellows and a blue ahli from one shop and two random peacocks and the above mentioned ill fated brichardi from another. Today I picked up an absolutely gorgeous male venustus. He and Vinny are hanging out pretty closely so far. As for the peacocks, well I've never had peacocks before and I just think they're a beautiful fish. We'll see how they do.

Currently my new seventy five gallon tank is holding my five clown loaches, one huge-ass sucker fish and Frank. Once I've moved the sucker fish and Frank, it will become my tropical tank. I haven't decided exactly what fish I'm putting in it but I'll figure that out as I go. Also, it still has no substrate because that's sitting in my trunk from when I bought it three days ago. Because I'm really on top of things that way.

And finally, I'm still waiting for my live plants to arrive. I ordered a bunch from an online place that has really good reviews. I'll let you know what I think when they arrive. I didn't order enough to completely fill both tanks, just enough to give live plants a shot. I figured I would mix in my plastic and silk plants to fill things out and if the real ones took off I would eventually remove the fake ones. And if I kill everything, it won't be so obvious.


Someone likes the new, young fish...