Thursday, December 8, 2011

Latest Goings On With Our Pack of Crazies

The Hooligan has a question...(he's very serious as you can see)

What would happen if word got out about how good your stupid chickens have it in the backyard?

I mean, you friggin heat up oatmeal for them when it gets below freezing (blech!)

Oh, a dove would move into the coop and refuse to stay out no matter how many times you removed it? And it would eat the free food, drink the never-ending water supply and hang out on the very safe from predators roost?


You didn't really think that one through did you?

I approve of this line of questioning.

So, yeah, a dove has moved into the coop with the girls and refuses to leave or stay out after repeated removal. But it gets worse. Because this morning when I went out to bring the girls their hot oatmeal (shut up, it's cold out) the stupid dove was not only in the coop, it was sitting on the back of Peaches. What. The. Hell?


Anonymous said...

Perfect way to tell a story with pics and the cat's expressions tells it all. I love it!

Nur Izzah Iwani said...

Hi my name is Izzah , I come from Putrajaya. I want to say that I love cats because the cat is cute .