Thursday, January 12, 2012

Soylent Green is...

Just watched this film again for the first time in twenty years or so. When Mister C told me he was planning to watch it I told him to go ahead without me because I'd already seen it and thought it was pretty bad. But after thinking about it for about thirty seconds I thought maybe I should watch it again, just to refresh my memory.

I can't say I liked this movie at all the first time I saw it. I thought it was completely and ridiculously stupid and the poor acting pretty well grated on my nerves. This time, I'm pretty sure the acting was just as poor but the premise of this film was a whole lot more interesting to me. Just twenty short years ago this movie was so far out as to be crazily unbelievable. Now, with what's happening in this country today, it's a little less so. It's still a seventies science fiction film with lots of poorly executed fight scenes and completely unrealistic "blood" from those fights. The film still feels erratic and disjointed to me, but maybe that's how it was meant to feel.

But mostly, the feeling I ended up with was not dis-similar to when how I felt after reading Huxley's "Brave New World" again recently. Kind of like "Holy crap, it's like they could see the future!" Like I said, an interesting film. Probably won't need to watch it again for another twenty years or so though.


Bo said...

Have you seen The Omega Man? I really like that one. Same source material as I Am Legend, but I think way creepier.

Mirth said...

@Bo-Nope, but I'll have Mister C put it in the queue. Reading a quick review it sounds interesting.