Tuesday, February 14, 2012

An Image of Love

I was going through a bit of cleaning last week and ran across the remaining supplies from my photography class. I had bought paper the week before the end of class and still had thirty pieces left. This is paper that is strictly for use in a dark room, not the kind I can use on a regular printer. It's also ridiculously expensive.

Not wanting it to go to waste, I emailed my teacher and offered it to him or any member of his class. Instead of taking it, he asked if I had anything I wanted to print and told me to come in to class and do so. How awesome is that? Because during the class I was doing very specific projects but when it ended I still had film left that I could use however I wanted. And you know how I wanted to use it, on the ones I love. So heck ya, I went in to class last night and after several hours finally got the print I wanted. Then I reproduced it several times over so I could give a copy to both sets of grandparents.

Master J

I did attempt to print out a picture of Mister C and Master J together that I really liked but I couldn't seem to get the contrast right and it just looked flat to me so I finally gave up on it (sorry Mister C, that was supposed to be your Valentine's Day gift.) But at least I got this one.


Anonymous said...

Love this pic and I can see all the love you put in this photo,quite the talented daughter whom I'm very proud of..Thank you for giving us one..