Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Good Morning Little Guy

My peaceful reading on my patio this morning was interrupted with a sudden burst of chaos by the door.  On the inside of the door was my cat, the Antagonizer, jumping wildly.  On the outside of the door were two dogs, flailing about wildly.  In the middle of this bastion of idiocy was the little bird you see above, trying like heck to get some altitude.  I yelled "NO!"  Both dogs immediately stopped jumping and came over to sit by me.  The cat shot me a disgusted look and turned her back to me.  The little bird flew about ten feet away and landed next to my hibiscus.  And I went and grabbed my camera.  He let me get within about two feet of him to take his picture and then walked to the other side of the hibiscus.  The best I can do as far as identification is to guess it's some sort of common finch.  He sure was pretty though.


Keshav said...

Hello! I just got a blogger, finished a blog, and clicked "next blog" and it took me here! This is my first official comment! Oh, and cool story about the bird.

Mirth said...

@Keshav: Welcome, glad you took the time to read & comment.