Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Idiot almost wins

I've been in and out all morning, sanding and patching a window sill in the back in preparation for painting. For most of the time, The Idiot & The Antagonizer have been sitting together on the back of Mister C's recliner (which he hates, but that's another story). That they were sitting together at all was pretty surprising since The Antagonizer has been just brutal to The Idiot the last few days. Between jumping him every chance she gets and getting ADHD Girl stirred into chasing him, she hasn't let him have a moment's peace. Anyway, I got finished and came in to get some coffee and got distracted talking with Mister C. About 30 minutes later I went to get a refill on my coffee and while passing the window in the kitchen I look out and see The Antagonizer walking around in the grass looking a little concerned. I immediately look to the back of the recliner to see if The Idiot is also out wandering around the yard. But he is exactly where he was before, only now he's facing the back door. And he's watching The Antagonizer in the backyard. And he looks absolutely PLEASED! If a cat could grin, he would be grinning. He must have felt me looking his direction because he turned to me and his grin got a just little faded before he turned back towards the door. Locking his eyes on The Antagonizer I swear I could hear him telepathically saying "Just go! Keep going! Just GO!" I went out and called her and miraculously she came right to me like a dog (not my dog mind you, just A dog) and came back in the house. I looked back to the Idiot to see his reaction, but he was already walking towards the basement looking mighty miffed. Now my only question is how did she get outside in the first place? I guess it's possible I left the door open the last time I came in but I'm usually pretty good about closing it. And of the two of them, The Idiot is better at opening doors. Hmmmm.