Friday, October 3, 2008

TGIF - or, my day wrapped up.

So it was a pretty good day for Master J today at school. He only went to the safe seat 3 times for the whole day and never had to go to the principals office. I was supposed to volunteer yesterday, but since we had "Duct Guy" in the basement all morning, I couldn't get out of the house. I did go in today though, and got to do some cutting and gluing. It was just like kindergarten. Right down to getting rubber cement all over my fingers and having paper stick to me. Thank goodness the kids were at lunch while I was struggling with the basics in their room. It's no wonder my kid is like he is, I guarantee he didn't get it from strangers. Anyway, so after I was done volunteering I hit the grocery store to try and get something in the house other than 0'Douls and condiments. There have been complaints recently about the lack of consumables. What, doesn't every kid go to school with two baby carrots, wheat crackers and a ham sandwich (minus the bread)? Why, when I was a kid, after we walked 20 feet to the bus stop...we had pretty good lunches actually. Guess maybe I need to step it up a bit. While I was at the grocery store I picked up a few items for Master J in case he had a really good day. I got him a small bag of M&Ms and a one of those cheap flashlights. It worked out pretty well since he did have a pretty good day, so good planning on my part I suppose. After he ate the M&Ms, he went to work on his homework on the 15 minute plan. It took him three 15 minute chunks to finish, but no complaints and he really did a pretty good job with it. Elsewhere in my day, I managed to finish the trim work in the stairwell. Our handyman lent me one of those funkadelic ladders that can bend all over the place and sit levelly on uneven surfaces. Best. Invention. Ever. It took me about 15 minutes to get what I needed done. I still had Mister C stand below me and hold the ladder while I was on it, just in case, but honestly I'm pretty sure he didn't need to be there. Hell, he was holding some sort of conference call the whole time anyway so he had one hand on the ladder and the other on his phone held up to his ear. I'm fairly sure that had there been some sort of accident, he would have "shushed" me on my way down. After all of that, I did manage to pack several boxes of kitchen things. We got a ton of boxes yesterday from a super nice couple that I found on Craigslist. It was a great deal and the boxes were just about perfect, they were even already broken down. And they gave us three boxes full of very neatly folded packing paper. My plans for the weekend include packing up as much as possible while Mister C is still in town. That and putting a second coat of paint in the foyer to cover over where the previous owner's pink is still trying to escape through my more sedate beige.