Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Force Was With Him

My goodness my child came home with a TON of candy. I mean, the big popcorn bowl we use to hand out the candy got refilled after the lights went out with the candy Master J scored on his tour with Mister C and Papa. And the kids in our neighborhood were out in force this year as well. Most of them were well behaved and polite, which was great. Only two kids annoyed me enough that I told them to move along. We got hit with a bunch of kids at one time and while I was passing out candy to the ones that showed up first, these two boys pushed their way up and started screaming "TRICK OR TREAT! TRICK OR TREAT!" really loud right next to me. I kind of ignored them at first, handing candy to the kids that had gotten there first. Then I gave the one boy candy thinking he would move along. But no, he kept screaming at me. I finally got peeved enough to turn to him and say "I already gave you candy now get going" and he left. But really, what the hell? I didn't see that particular kid's parents and maybe that was the problem. Because if I took my child to a house and he pulled that, his butt would be home in bed immediately following the apology to whoever was handing out the candy. That's just out of control rudeness gone riot. But as I said, those were the only two that gave me pause. Most of the kids were fantastic. Even the teenagers were really well mannered this year and I think that's just awesome. So, to all the parents that are doing their best to raise polite kids "Thank you!" It sure made handing out candy more pleasant. Happy Halloween!


Anonymous said...

Tell Master J that Papa said "good work" and thanks for the non-chocoalate candy:-)I appreciated the new beverage you introduced me to,hmmmgood;-)