Sunday, November 1, 2009

Trying to "train out" the obnoxiousness

I'm trying like hell to train my goofy dog. We've been to three classes now and I have to say that I'm not nearly so impressed with this particular trainer as I have been with previous trainers we've gone to. She's sweet and she means well, but I think she's too young and she's moving way too slow.

Case in point, we're still working on learning to sit after three weeks. Three weeks, of sit. No, seriously. I think the dog has it by now. I mean, at this point I can put her in a sit, walk away, walk toward, stop, back up, take a step to either side, wave my hands around and walk back and she doesn't move. I think we got it.

She already knew the command "drop it" before ever entering class. She should, she's only heard it 3,000 times since we got her. "Drop the shoe!", "Drop the rock!", "Drop the cat's head!". You know, the usual.

She already knows "Leave it" as well since it's another favorite of ours. That one gets used if we actually see her about to pick up any or all of the previously mentioned items.

So at the end of the day, I've spent three Monday evenings working on teaching my dog to sit. And the class is only 8 weeks long.

Which is why I've started working on the other important things myself. Things like coming when called which is only THE most important thing the dog can do. And not jumping on people when you greet them. Surprisingly, most people aren't real thrilled to have a 35 pound pit using them as a springboard for her antics. And she's doing pretty good with these.

But the one that's killing her is having to lay down. Because she cannot contain herself. She gets down there in the down position and then she starts vibrating, which is the precursor to the butt wiggle, which finally ends in her bouncing up and grinning at me. Yeah, we got a lot of work ahead of us.


Anonymous said...

I think you should have saved your money and trained her yourself--sounds like you should apply for the job..