Sunday, August 29, 2010

Playing with IPhoto

I was messing around with a bunch of photos I had taken of a home for a client this afternoon and got sidetracked. Not that that's anything unusual. This time I got sidetracked with pictures of my son, because I have thousands, and because it's just so much more fun to work with pictures of kids than pictures of counter tops and flooring.

My plan was to put together a quick slide show of our recent trip to the Musical Instrument Museum, which as totally cool by the way. I had the folder goodness only knows how many pictures I took while we were there and was pulling out some of the ones I liked.

Then I thought to myself "Hey, why don't I throw some music other than the standard options to this and see what happens." Apparently I'm pretty easy to convince because the next thing I know, I"m searching through all of our Itunes trying to find just the right song mix. I started out using three different Tom Petty songs but didn't like the way it was going so I started over. I picked the one song I thought I could do the most with. Then I started going back through my archival of photos. Then I messed around with the timing and the order and finally, I came up with something I liked.

Yeah, I probably wasted a few hours of my afternoon, but at least I had fun doing it.

Update: The video is blurry when expanded to full-screen size. I'm trying to figure that part out. It works on our laptops and our tv with no problem, so it's something to do the blog specifically. I'll work on it :)


Anonymous said...

What an awesome job you did,I love it! It was choreographed perfectly, I do believe all those hours were well spent...Thanks for sharing your talents once again!

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