Sunday, August 22, 2010

Weekend Roundup

I did my weekly produce pick-up at the co-op on Saturday morning. Everything looked wonderful as usual. The three mangoes found a new home with friends, but everything else will be consumed over the next week. As a side note, even with the infusion of fruits and vegetables, I have managed to not lose one ounce. Apparently I'm not so much exchanging the bad foods I usually eat for the good stuff as I am more "adding it all together." That's just dedication on my part people.

This is the only reason kittens are allowed to survive past the destructive idiocy stage. I just wish I had my real camera with me to get a clearer shot, but you get the idea.

Finally, after much avoidance behavior and a few minor scuffles, some camaraderie amongst the troops. I'm stunned that The Hooligan is the one that the baby is getting along with. The Hooligan doesn't like anybody and usually spends his days off in a corner by himself. I guess miracles do happen.

I pulled up to get gas the other day and this was parked nearby. The guys were trying to adjust some boards to support the arms better, I assume there was too much motion while driving. I'm always amazed that they can even move these huge things in the first place but more so that they usually manage to arrive in one piece. A healthy saguaro can weigh one hundred pounds per foot. This particular one is at least seventy five years old, most likely closer to one hundred. They generally don't start growing arms until they are 50-75 years old.

Hope your weekend was great.