Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The last week has been like this

Here's the scene:

I'm sitting on the couch, trying like hell to get some work done. Master J is flitting from one area to the next playing.

Mirth (to myself): Okay, they want to offer $150,000 on this property in Sur...

Master J (also to himself): AHHHHHHH! (Commander Cody goes flying) Retreat! Retreat! Retreat!!!!!

Mirth: Holy crap Dude, settle it.

Master J: Sorry.

Mirth (back to myself): Now where was I? Let's see, that property is a bank owned and they're looking for highest and best by...

Master J (running through room with light saber): Pew! Pew! Pew! Swooooosh! AAAAAHHHHHH!!!!

Mirth: Not reacting, not reacting...

Master J rushes back in, does a beautifully executed tuck and roll coming up fighting and dodging his imaginary opponent.

Mirth: Okay, you're going to have to take that elsewhere, I'm trying to work here.

Master J: Sure thing Mom! (He fights his way out of the room)

Mirth: Okay, I need an As-Is Addendum and a...what the hell?

Master J is now making siren noises at the other end of the house. They are amazingly accurate and exceedingly loud.

Mirth (to myself): This is why I can't do anything. I don't have ADD, I have insanity running through the house. (To Master J) Is there any way you could settle down and play quietly down there? Maybe close the door or something?

Master J: Sure Mom! I'll just close the door.

Mirth: Thanks!

Master J slams the door and commences his epic battle in his room. It is not noticeably quieter and he is now flinging himself into things in his room.

Mirth: Only four more days until school starts. I can make it four more days (twitch, twitch). Really, it's so close that I can cetai...

Master J (bursting into the room): Hey Mom! Mom! Izzy chewed off Captain Rex's legs! Bad Izzy! You shouldn't chew off his legs.

Mirth: Just pretend he was caught by mines.

Master J: What's that supposed to mean?

Mirth: That means you left Captain Rex on the floor and the dog decided he was "Mine". Don't leave your toys lying around.

Master J: Well that's not fair. She shouldn't eat my toys.

Mirth: Which part of "I'm working" are you not getting?

Master J: Oh yeah, sorry! (Captain Rex goes flying) AAAAHHHHHH! I'm hit! I'm not going to make it! AAAAHHHH!

Only four more days, only four more days...


Anonymous said...

This little recap brought tears to my eyes,laughing so hard tears:-) Four more days and your inspiration will be sitting at a desk and what will you do for blog material? I'm not going to run through your house making those noises,maybe the only sound you will hear from me is the refrigerator door opening and closing and the sound of me saying "nothing for me in there", "didn't you know I was coming over" "answer me","sorry, I didn't know you were working on a bid" Didn't want you to miss Master J too much..