Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Catching up

We arrived in from Baltimore this morning at 8:35. Which means we got up at 4:00 am. On the east coast. Or 1:00 am on our bodies. We flew up to Baltimore to visit one of my aunts for a few days. She has cancer. I'll be honest, I expected to see death warmed over. It is pancreatic cancer after all. What I found was my favorite aunt looking worn out and thinner than normal, but still as ornery as every. That has to be some kind of good sign.

I finally got to see the gardens that I've heard so much about. And even though she hasn't been able to take care of them as much as she usually would, there were some gorgeous flowers around for me to get pictures of. Pictures that I can't post. Why? Because Mister C downloaded them from my camera onto his laptop. Evidently this doesn't mean that the photos go to a shared drive. So only he can see them. Now, I have access to his computer and I know the passwords, but I don't know how to share the photos between us. I'm too darn tired to think straight enough to figure it out right now and I can't ask my husband to do it until tomorrow. Why? Because Mister C is in bed. He was out by 7:40 tonight. I think Master J only beat him by about 20 minutes. Bunch of wusses.

In other news...my clients that backed out at the closing table are getting their earnest deposit back. Seriously. How does that happen? I've lost earnest money when we canceled two weeks prior to closing. I've never heard of anyone getting it back when they refused to sign on the day of closing. The seller is only required to give it back during the inspection period in most cases. But for whatever reason, the title company sent me an email yesterday that had a copy of the letter to my clients attached. That letter was letting my clients know that "the check is in the mail". Wow. Just, wow.

The sad part is that I can't even brag on my fantastic customer service in this case because the only hand I had in it was an email sent last week asking what had happened to the earnest deposit. I do know they won't care how it happened, they'll just be thrilled that it did.