Sunday, July 26, 2009

Craigslist Ad

I put our old kitchen table up on Craigslist today. We've had it since we got married twelve years ago. We paid about $600 for it at the time. It originally had six chairs but one of them got destroyed by being used as a ladder for painting. Anyway, within a few hours I got an email and now the new owner is loading his truck with the help of Mister C. He complimented me on the ad and told me it was better than most real estate agents ads for houses. Which, considering that I'm an aspiring agent, I thought was pretty funny. Turns out he's an agent as well. As a side note, I got $75 for the set. Which means it ended up costing us about $3.65 a month to own. Which I think is a really good deal.

Here's the ad:

Start making family memories. Just think of all the good times you'll have to remember as you gather around this table. It's great for every meal from the simplest breakfast to the most important holidays with your family. Want to change the look? Throw a table cloth (not included) on it and watch it morph before your eyes. Not only is it good for eating at, it's fantastic for a myriad of other things. Does your family like to do puzzles? The table is totally flat on top, perfect for puzzles. Like playing games together? This set has four sides so everyone gets their own side, no peeking at cards with this beauty! Great for play-doh extravaganzas and model building as well. Lego building sets are no problem on the surface of this four legged wonder. Are you the kind of guy or gal that likes to write letters? You can do it with this! There's even a drawer on the end to keep your writing implements in. There is just no end to the wonderful & creative things you can do with this set. The best part about this set is that there are five (not four!) chairs included in it. Just think of all the extra fun to be had with a fifth chair. Neighbor kid comes over and you need an extra seat? There it is! Someone acting up and need a little time to themselves? Instant time-out chair. Act now before someone else recognizes the immense potential and value of this set.

Light oak kitchen table with five chairs. The table is 54" long and 42" wide. It also comes with an 18" leaf. Not to be too obvious or anything, but that means the table can extend out to 6' long. There is a small drawer at each end of the table. The set is in decent condition, not perfect. It is used.

$100 o.b.o.

Cash only. Pick up only.

Thank you!