Thursday, July 9, 2009

Crazcation Wrap Up

We made it home yesterday evening. We dropped off the rental car, picked up my car, picked up a pizza, picked up the dog & unpacked our bags. Ahhhh! It's good to be home.

Overall, once we got on the road, it was a good trip. Obviously we had some issues with the outlaws (expected) that led to our vacation turning into a road trip, but we made the most of it and it turned into a really fun trip.

It took us four days to go about 1,700 miles and I didn't have my good camera with me so I took a bunch of pictures with my phone. You'll have to forgive the poor quality of the photos, I did the best I could.

This one was taken on the 4th of July while we were at the lake, prior to the big blow up. I'm not sure if this was when we were being "too controlling" of Master J or if this was when we were "leaving him unsupervised". Looks like he's having fun either way. (Also, the fish was released for those concerned about such things.)

This was taken the first night at the hotel. I get that you can't really see anything. But the point here is that the slide was huge and Master J was fast. If you look at where the slide disappears into the wall, you can see the light. The slide went outside the building for another loop and another full story. It was the coolest hotel water slide I've ever seen. Technically, it's the only hotel water slide I've ever seen. That it was in Dickinson, ND was amazing.

This was taken on day two. We had managed to skirt around most of what looked to be a moderately severe storm over several hours and this is what we were rewarded with at the end of it.

This was on the last day of our trip on the way from Four Corners to Meteor Crater. We were on a two lane highway on the Navajo reservation where livestock apparently has the right of way. As a side note, all of the sheep were on the road outside the fence, the sheep dog however was inside the fence. He really didn't look all that concerned about their safety either. He might want to look into a different line of work.

After the sheep incident, Mister C slowed down. I missed taking a picture of the cattle on the road and the foal running down the road as well, but I did get this guy before he bolted off.

There were a few other things I didn't get pictures of. Things like the life size blow up doll in a cowboy hat that sits in what looks to be a patrol car on the edge of Amidon, ND. From a distance, it looks totally real. The purpose seems to be to get you to slow the heck down through all 500 feet of their town. Also missed was the old, broken down stove out in a field with it's door flipped down. Next to it was a sign saying "Open Range". I can't remember where exactly that was.

So that's our trip in a nutshell. Turns out the outlaws blowing up was the best thing that could have happened.