Tuesday, April 6, 2010


I think not.

This is my breakfast. Okay, let's get past that whole "OMG! You eat that for breakfast?!?!?" bs. Yes, I prefer to eat food for breakfast. Not to say I won't eat "normal" breakfast foods for breakfast because I will, but I eat what I'm hungry for, not what would be considered "normal". As far as I'm concerned my stomach has no way of knowing what time it is so it's not going to complain if I eat pasta at seven in the morning as opposed to seven at night. It's all good.

But this isn't. The picture on the box looks okay, but what came out of the box was decidedly not okay. I mean really. I paid $2 for this box of Michelina's Lean Gourmet lasagna. It says right on the box that Michelina's is made to "honor my mother, who only used the finest ingredients." I'm guessing there wasn't a whole lot of love lost between the two of them. Because this was just bad.

The smell of the cooked product wasn't bad. It looked awful. And the taste would be best described as "meh". It was four thin, but somehow rubbery pieces of lasagna noodles (I counted) with maybe a teaspoon of some sort of ricotta like substance in between. At best there was a total of two tablespoons of sauce spread over the whole mess. It was probably closer to one tablespoon. I think that prior to cooking I might have noticed five or six shreds of cheese on the top, but they disappeared with cooking.

To be fair, this is found in the diet section of the freezer. But so are a lot of other products and so far none of them looks or tastes like this one. I'll have to try another version of lasagna tomorrow and give a solid comparison. As for today, I ate the nasty mess and I didn't suffer any permanent damage. But I won't ever buy it again.


Val Rice said...

Hi, am totally with you on your lasagne experience. Same product here, different name. Smear of something unspeakable on plate. Ugh! Empathise.