Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Now that's better!

This is today's lasagna...

As you can see, it's a Smart Ones spinach lasagna. It looks tons better, no? It smelled tons better as well. But the taste test is what really matters now isn't it?

The lasagna noodles in the Smart Ones were cooked perfectly. No rubbery grossness here! There was a good (appropriate) amount of ricotta cheese laced with spinach in between each of the layers. There was probably a quarter of a cup of thick sauce with chunks of vegetables slathered over the serving. The cheese did not disappear on cooking. In fact, when I cut into the lasagna, I had strings of gooey cheese that I had to wrap up in my fork. The flavor was very good, with no spice being overly dominant.

Overall, it was 100% better than the Michelina's version of a non-meat lasagna. Price wise, the Smart ones are not that much more expensive. Calorie wise, the Smart Ones has ten more than the Michelina's. Hang on...okay, I just walked around my island a few times. I think I took care of the ten calories and it was totally worth it for the better product.