Friday, May 28, 2010


So check out what Mister C saw on his way into the building at work the other day. Two adult javelinas hanging out in the parking lot. You can see in the one picture that there are foothills really close by and that's where these guys would usually hang out. But on this day, they decided to come down for a visit. According to the security guards, they come down fairly regularly and like to nap under one of the windows.

In case you're wondering how Mister C was able to get relatively clear and close up pictures of two wild animals with self sharpening tusks, just know that he did not exercise the proper amount of caution. Another employee was showing everyone the pictures he had taken from the safety of his vehicle. Mister C all but ignored basic safety and opted for better pictures. He brushed aside my concern with a comment about not having the ability to zoom on his phone. Well of course that makes it totally acceptable. Anyway, it's a pretty cool way to start your work day.

Javelina One

Javelina Two


Madison said...

Cool pictures. Good thing they weren't hungry, or in a bad mood cause the second one seems to be coming right at him.