Saturday, October 23, 2010

Music Man!

Mister C and I finally got a chance to see Music Man perform last night. Mamoo took Master J to spend the night at her house last night. Since we were free we decided to take advantage of the time and go out.

Music Man got us on the list of people to get into the show which was held at the Desert Botanical Gardens in Phoenix. Miss Lee saved us front row seats. It was wonderful. We've always known that Music Man is a talented musician, we just didn't know how talented. Seeing him play for over two hours solidified for us what an awesome musician he is. There was another gentleman in the front row that is a photographer/videographer (whatever the word is for that). When he puts out a video, I'll link to it in another post. I took 111 photos. Most of them weren't fantastic because I was avoiding using my flash since I was so close but a few came out.

Here's Music Man

Miss Lee joining in

Miss Lee & me (photo by Mister C)

If you're ever coming to the valley and looking to hang out in a dive bar listening to great music, here's a link to Music Man's myspace page Pat Roberts and The Heymakers. They update it with new gigs as they have them. It's worth sitting in the seedy bar to hear him.

Also, Miss Lee did a great job up there as well. As brash, blunt and loud as I am, I don't think I'd have the guts to stand up in front of a crowd and sing. Be grateful.


Anonymous said...

Awesome tribute to Music Man and Miss Lee and the pics are wonderful..I enjoyed being able to spend the evening with Master J, who is a music man in his own right:-) Glad you enjoyed the show, I know they appreciated your presence in that front row:-)