Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

We did the usual where Mamoo and Papa came over for pizza before trick or treating. Additionally, one of Mister C's friends from the army is in town working for a few months so he came over as well.

Mamoo and I ate our pizza in the driveway in case any little kids came by early. The boys all ate inside and then headed out on the candy trail. Mamoo and I enjoyed yet another Halloween passing out candy to the kids and talking.

Overall it was a pretty quiet year for kids. We usually have over a hundred kids. This year it was less than fifty. On the plus side, I got to talk with some of my neighbors for a few minutes since there wasn't a huge crush of kids constantly. After it became apparent that the numbers were down, I started putting a handful of treats in each kids bag. And offering it to the parents as well. I also gave some to the pizza guy (along with his tip) when he showed up. He laughed and said nobody ever offered them candy even though it's usually a really busy night for them. Made me wonder why I've never offered it before. Such a simply gesture.

So anyway, another fun Halloween.

Master J as clone trooper "Commander Fox"

Our front yard, this is the first year we've decorated.

Master J arranged Mr. Bones which got the most attention of anything. One little kid of about four walking by did a double take and then said "That guy is MESSED UP!" It cracked me up.

The severed heads were my contribution. I begged for them at the store. They are my new babies and I adore them.

Mister C went with a more ethereal vibe with the filmy phantom. The pumpkins were originally at this corner of the garage before he hung this guy up. I moved them since I thought a "flaming phantom" might be a bit much for the little kids. The teenagers probably would have loved it.

Master J showing how he carved his pumpkin. This was his first pumpkin carving ever. I was pleasantly surprised at how it came out.

Our pumpkins all lit up.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for having Papa and I over,love being a part of Master J's Halloween tradition. I'm proud of his pumpkin carving and arranging of Mr Bones, very artistic..Loved the conversation, and we did have lots of candy to work with;-) Thank you for another great Halloween!