Thursday, December 23, 2010

Catch up

I'm finally feeling a ton better after finishing up my antibiotics today. I still have the nagging cough that gets worse as night falls and keeps me up for several hours during the night. But I can breath now and I'm not being mistaken for Mister C when I answer the phone (Thanks, Mamoo!) The worst part is that while I went to my doctor last week, I didn't get medicine until I called back in on Saturday morning basically demanding something. I got the call back that she had called in the prescription after hours. A prescription for an antibiotic I'm allergic to. The ONLY thing I'm allergic to. Way to read a chart Dr. Bozo. By the time Mister C brought me home the medicine the doctor's office was closed and I was desperate. So I loaded up on Benadryl and took the medicine. The first day was really itchy and I had a red rash but it eventually cleared up and with continued antihistamine I made it through. Having said that, what the hell kind of doctor calls in a prescription for a medicine their patient is allergic to? It's like she was upset that I basically "made" her prescribe something and tried to punish me. Or she's really, really stupid.

Sunday night Mister C and I got to attend a holiday party slash charity fundraiser for a dog rescue that was hosted by one of my clients. We didn't stay long but it was nice to get be able to get dressed up and meet some new people. Santa was there as was a photographer. I'll post a picture as soon as it arrives.

I applied for a "real" job the other day. Mister C suggested I do so. I'm not really thrilled about doing that and I'm not giving up real estate unless I have to due to conflict of interest, but I'm giving the working world another shot. I thought I did my time but I guess I must have violated my parole or something because it looks like I might be going back in.

Today, I (finally) put together the gingerbread house I bought at the co-op two weeks ago. Master J watched me do the "build" and he did install the door. It has to cure for twenty four hours before we decorate. Master J and I are going down the cookie and candy aisles tomorrow so he can get the required supplies for decorating. I have some ideas but I'm going to let him do what he wants.

And finally...Mister C gave up on me painting the exterior of the house by myself since I've been sick for the past three weeks. I talked with the painter that lives down the street and he gave us a reasonable quote. Mister C agreed it would be worth it to go ahead and have it done. Only problem? We had to un-decorate our house this week. So there we were, at ten on Sunday night, up on a ladder removing the lights. It looked like we were recreating my favorite Dr. Seuss book/movie. But wait, it gets better. The painter power washed the house the next day. Yesterday, he came back and started caulking the house. And then it started raining. And it hasn't stopped. So now, I have no lights, there are white patches and lines all over my house and water is pooling up around the foundation where the earth was pulled away in preparation for painting. I can't win for losing on this one.