Monday, December 27, 2010

The day after Christmas

Our main tree has been dying since two weeks before Christmas so we had made the decision that we would pull it down as soon as possible. On Sunday, after some nagging from Mister C, I undecorated the tree so it could be dragged out of the house and gotten rid of.

What I didn't count on when I started the process was the methodology that Mister C would employ to get rid of the tree. I guess I thought the process of dismemberment would begin once the tree got outside. I guess I was wrong.

Check out the mighty hunter carefully approaching the tree from behind. Note what he is carrying in his hand. That's right people, he's going to attempt an indoor landscaping project! (at this point I must add: kids, don't try this at home!)

He attacks the unsuspecting tree from an un-defensible angle. His trusty hunting dogs circle warily in case the tree makes a break for it.

He has his prey right where he wants it! He looks rather pleased with himself, no? It looks like it's pine salad for dinner tonight!

Getting into the field dressing portion of the hunt. Note the wild kitten "helping" from the left. He had to be removed before he became an amputee.

Oh lord, the pine needles are raining onto my carpet!

Izzy hoping she gets her portion of the kill, a branch maybe?

Another wild cat stalks around the landscaping. It was at this point that the mighty hunter was forced to remove all of the wild critters from the area as they were causing him to slow down the dismemberment process. They all got shoved unceremoniously into the bedroom. Much squawking and complaining commenced immediately.

I think he just removed the "tree steaks". You know, the most desired portion of the tree.

And no, my carpet wasn't always green.

Fully dressed tree, just need to have the "head" stuffed and hung on my wall to commemorate The Great Christmas Tree Kill of 2010!

And the mighty hunter drags his prey out of his favored hunting grounds.

Seriously, don't try this at home.


AKT said...

You are soooo funny! Alan was jealous.