Thursday, December 9, 2010

Marine Biology Department at ASU

Mister C and I went on a field trip with Master J today to the marine biology department at ASU. Who knew they even had a marine biology department here in the desert? But they do.

Master J's PI class, along with the PI classes for two other schools, got to go on a field trip there today to learn about plankton and whales. As with all of his PI field trips, it was pretty interesting. We got to hear Associate Professor Susanne Neuer speak about the wonders of ocean biochemistry before being sent over to listen to whale songs with Eric (whose last name escapes me). I'm so glad my child is in a school where they recognize the good parts of him as well as the bad and give him opportunities like this one.

Master J checking out some plankton under the microscope.

The kids were divided into groups, blindfolded and then mixed up. Then they had to find all the members of their pod by using their pod specific call. Master J was part of the cow group. It was pretty amusing listening to the barnyard as the kids tried to find their group.

All in all, a pretty cool day for both the kids and the adults.


Anonymous said...

How fun and informative! I bet Master J had no trouble calling out to his pod;-) I'm sure he had a lot of fun doing this trip since you and his dad were there.

Wendi said...

What a cool thing to do. I bet that made a huge impression on the kids.