Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Probably won't have entitlement issues later

After I finished volunteering at Master J's school today, his teacher pulled me aside to tell me the following...

Mrs. S was talking about how great it is to be an American as part of a discussion for their social studies lesson. She was talking about freedom and the wonderful opportunities we have available to us.

Mrs. S: So all American children have the opportunity to have a free education provided to them from kindergarten all the way through high school.

MJ: Excuse me but there's nothing that's really free.

Mrs. S: Well, do your parents write a check every month so you can go to school?

MJ: No. But they pay taxes.

Mrs. S: Okay, that's true, they do pay taxes.

At this point the student teacher chimed in and said "Yeah, that was when I looked around the room and realized all the other kids were completely clueless about what taxes are!"

So, yeah, maybe there's hope for him yet. Evidently he can actually hear us when we talk.


Burgh Baby said...

Too bad every one of those kids will know all too well what taxes are some day.

Bo said...

Totally awesome. Young people get it because their parents get it. Bravo.