Sunday, January 9, 2011

What are they teaching kids these days?

I was out showing houses on Saturday morning for a few hours and then met Mister C, Master J and my in-laws at a local pizza joint for lunch. Because I was otherwise occupied, Mister C took Master J to his guitar lesson with Music Man. Since I arrived late, I hadn't heard any previous discussion of how it had gone and what he had learned. Hence, the following...

Mirth: Hey J, so what did you learn at your lesson?
MJ: I learned how to use my middle finger!
Mirth: (choking on pizza) Whaaa?
MJ: I learned how to use my middle finger!
Mirth: Awesome dude! Now you can get your driver's license!
MJ: What?
In-laws and Mister C are now laughing.
Mirth: Never mind dude, good job on learning to use your middle finger.

And yeah, I know I'm childish, welcome to my world.


Anonymous said...

He should already know how to do that, I'd say that Mister C should be paying you for Master J's lessons:-)

Burgh Baby said...

Is there any other reason we have middle fingers than for driving? I think not.