Thursday, March 1, 2012

Easley's Fun Shop

We accompanied Master J to Literacy Night at his school last night. His role was that of a colonial soldier. Now, I knew about the whole Literacy Night thing, but I didn't know that he was supposed to dress up for it. I figured that out on Wednesday morning when he mentioned it over breakfast. Having nothing in the house that remotely resembled the uniform of a colonial soldier, and no real way of creating one without a whole lot of time, money and effort, I did the next best thing. Or in this case, the first best thing.

I popped on over to Easley's Fun Shop in downtown Phoenix. This awesome, family owned business has been around for over six decades and been run by four generations of the Easley family. There's an unimaginable number of costumes covering just about anything you can think of. I mean EVERYTHING. When I walked in, some guy was picking up a frog costume, complete with huge froggy head. The wall behind the registers is a showcase of at least fifty kinds of high heels, platform shoes and boots of varying heights. The whole place is wall to wall, floor to ceiling costumes and the props that go with them. It's incredible!

But here's the really cool thing, it only took about fifteen seconds for Debi (probably spelled wrong) to find me a colonial costume. And while I was checking out the costumes for sale, she went and pulled several rental costumes out for me to look at. After seeing the awesomeness that was one of the rental costume, I just couldn't resist. I decided it was totally worth it to rent a costume for just one night.

And I don't think I was wrong...

I know, right? How cool does Master J look all decked out? He was a hit a Literacy Night for sure. Several people were taking pictures of him.

So, if you live in the Phoenix area and you're ever in need of a last minute costume because your kid forgot to mention that he needed one until the very last possible moment, head on over to Easley's Fun Shop. If they don't have it, it probably doesn't exist.

*Also, the fine folk at Easley's did not compensate me in any way, nor encourage me to write anything about how awesome they are. They are just that awesome. That is all.


Anonymous said...

Ah,he looks so handsome,wise choice to get him this costume. He looks so authentic in it. I enjoyed his presentation,glad you invited me,I wouldn't have wanted to miss his shining moment:-)