Saturday, March 17, 2012

Trayvon Martin

I usually try to avoid any mentions of crimes on this blog, partially because they are generally so well covered anyway and honestly because it's just too depressing most days. But after listening to the 911 tapes pertaining to the supposed "self-defense" shooting of Treyvon Martin, I had to at least acknowledge it.

The fact that George Zimmerman is running around free after basically chasing down and shooting a teenager that was screaming for help at the time of his killing, it a crime in itself. Zimmerman is a vigilante in the worst sense of the word, someone who takes the law into his own hands even if he is wrong. That he was told by the dispatcher to not follow the kid and went ahead anyway tells me Zimmerman is someone who holds himself to be above the law, someone who believes he knows better than others. That he could actually shoot an unarmed teenager who was begging for help is pathetic. He belongs in jail, charged with second degree murder. He does not belong free. He has shown himself to be incapable of making rational decisions. He also has proven that he does not have the capacity to carry a concealed weapon as he obviously does not understand the meaning of self defense.

And for the witnesses, people hearing Treyvon crying and screaming for help, who chose to avoid getting involved (one guy stating "The guy is yelling "help". I'm not going out there.") I hope you're never in a position to need the help of an apathetic stranger. I guess I'm glad you at least called 911 and maybe your recorded calls will help put this nutjob in jail, but I sure wouldn't want you for a neighbor.