Sunday, March 1, 2009

Got GPS?

Remember a few days ago how Mister C and I shared a wonderful walk through a newly discovered neighborhood? Remember how much we enjoyed it and vowed to go back to enjoy it again? Well, today was the day we decided to do it. It started out the same way, that is with us thoroughly enjoying the peaceful, tree lined streets and friendly people. It didn't quite end the same way though.

After our last walk, I checked on Google Earth to see if there was a way to walk further through the neighborhood while walking less on the main streets that surround it. And there was. I checked the map twice, even using my index finger to follow the road to it's appropriate end (because that's the most scientific method). Anyway, I thought I had it all figured out when we left the house this morning. But I was wrong. Because I made us turn onto the wrong street and go about a mile out of our way. In each direction. Twice. I finally gave up and let Mister C lead us. He went the way he had been saying from the beginning was the right way, the one I had insisted was wrong. And within about ten minutes had us to the street I had been looking for. Which would have been great, except that there were no trees on this street. No golf course or water features either. But by the time we figured this out we were halfway down it and not turning back.

At the end of our walk, we had been walking for over three hours and both had sunburns. Nice. We both decided that next time we'll walk the tree lined boulevard to the end. And then turn around and walk it in reverse to get back home. Shade the whole way, beautiful scenery and an end in sight. I guess there's something to be said for not always trying to discover a new way.


K-Mom said...

I hate it when they are right! Good thing it doesn't happen that often. :op