Sunday, March 15, 2009

Master J's Birthday Party

We dragged everything over to our local park for Master J's birthday party today. We had a lot of fun just hanging out, eating pizza and watching Master J play with our neighbor and some younger kids that were at the park as well. After he opened his gifts, he immediately took his cool new garbage truck (from Mamoo & Papa) over to the play area and started using the shavings as "garbage". A little boy of about 3 came over and started playing with him and Master J was so sweet with him. He let the little boy play and push the buttons and dump the garbage. All the really cool stuff that little boys like to do when they have a garbage truck in front of them. He really is a great kid.

The cake was a success in that it tasted good. The design was pretty fun, but taste is what ultimately matters in that situation. We still have about a third of it left but we'll snack on that for a day or two and then toss the rest. If there is any left to toss that is.

So the biggest disappointment on the day was that while Master J took eight invitations to kids, not one came to his party. Worse yet to me is that not one parent saw fit to actually respond in any way. I did not get one call saying someone was or was not coming. I can only assume that all of the parents around here were raised by wolves and thus have absolutely no manners whatsoever. Have we gone so far to the side of casual that we can't pick up a phone to let someone know if we plan on being at an invited event? I know it's just a kid's birthday party but it's just plain rude. Sad to say, I probably won't make that mistake again. I think for future birthdays, Master J will be allowed to have one friend and we will call that one friend's parents ourselves to get an okay. Having said all that, he still had a whole lot of fun at his party. And that's all that matters.

For the record, I have not included any close up photos because my charming son decided two days ago to cover himself in temporary tattoos. Including one on his forehead. We tried washing them off, but there was enough residue left over that it looked like he had road rash on his head. Nice. Very nice.