Monday, March 9, 2009

One more day

I take my school exam tomorrow evening. I thought I was going to take it last Friday but evidently the world does not revolve around me and they didn't hold a seat for me. Guess I should have tried to get registered more than 48 hours in advance. Oh, well. I guess at least I've had the past four days to study instead of just going in cold. I hope I have a grip on this information. I think I do. But then, I also thought it would be "just a review" from my previous attempt and we see how well that's worked out. I did five chapters of the math this afternoon and only missed two problems so that wasn't too bad. I intend to read through some questions again tonight and then tomorrow morning as well. I'll head out to my exam around 4:00, stopping only long enough to pick up a kit-kat candy bar. That's only because I read some thing about the Japanese school kids doing it. It's supposed to be good luck. Something about the name. I have no idea. I just know if it's good enough for Japanese school children, it's good enough for me.

On another note, I picked up Master J from school today and he'd had a great day. His teacher came out smiling and relaxed looking and he was walking about 20 feet behind her talking with another little boy. She said he was great. I asked specifically about the morning and she said "Great! Actually, really good all day." So I told her that we had started the caffeine test. I also told her about the Mountain Dew debacle and she laughed. Because she knew. It probably helped that I did my impression of him with arms aflailin' and crazy "meth-head" actions. Yeah, no story of mine should be told within distance of breakables. I can't help it. I was raised on the east coast. Whatever the word is for "physical verbosity", I am. Anyway, the main point here being that day 3 of the caffeine test which was also day one of it at school, went pretty well. We'll keep tweaking it until we get it right or prove it doesn't work, whichever.

Also, totally as a side note, Mister C mentioned to his mom that we were doing this whole caffeine test and here is the conversation. I could hear his side, her side is per him:

Mister C: So, we're trying this thing with Master J where we are giving him caffeine and it really seems to calm him down.

Minion: What?!? You're giving him caffeine?!? That's not good for kids!!! I can't imagine how bad that is for him.

Mister C: Well, what would you suggest we do?

Minion: Give him Ritalin!

Mister C: Really? I shouldn't give him a natural substance with no real side effects because it's bad for him but I should give him some man made drug with known side effects? Really?

Minion: Caffeine is bad for kids.

Mister C: How's your hip doing?