Monday, March 30, 2009

Land Mogul

Over the past two days, Master J and I have been working our way through a game of Junior Monopoly. Normally, I can't stand playing Monopoly, Junior or otherwise. Mister C loooooovvvvveeessss him some Monopoly, as does Master J. Why? It's because they are both land moguls. They buy up everything in sight, throw houses followed by hotels up and sit back and reap the profits. I have never won a game of Monopoly. Never. In my life. I suck at this game. But the men in this house are both so competitive that they actually like it. So anyway, after two nights of playing, this is what the board looks like...

Do you see on the right side of the picture where all the deeds and piles of money are? That's Master J's side. The top of the photo where there are a few deeds and neat (but small) piles of money is my side. Wouldn't you think I would have the advantage? Yeah, me too.

And this, well, this is the land mogul/slumlord himself, cackling about his good fortune. Somebody needs to bring down his evil empire. Unfortunately, I don't think I have enough money left. Dang it!


K-Mom said...

Sounds like Master J could give Donald Trump some tips!