Friday, April 3, 2009

Everyone needs a buddy

I've been picking this stuffed cat up off the floor for over a week now. I finally asked Master J why he kept bringing it out of his room and leaving around my house. He told me that he wasn't the one doing it, that the Hooligan was. According to him, the cat has sort of "adopted" this particular stuffed animal and goes and gets it out of his room. I thought Master J was just pawning off his messiness on the cat. Until I saw the Hooligan dragging it down the hall while Master J was at school earlier today. He played with it and bit it a few times, then lay down with it in front of him and dozed off. I couldn't get him completely sleeping because he goes on "high alert" when I get my camera out but you get the idea. I thought it was pretty cute that of all the stuffed critters that Master J has, the Hooligan picked out the one that looked the most like him.


K-Mom said...

I had a cat once that would get into my makeup bag when I was at work, get out my makeup sponge and bat it around the house all day. When I would get home, I would find this mangled sponge in the corner and bits of it all over the house.

The first time it happened, it didn't even occur to me it was the cat. I thought we had a poltergeist!

Yeah, that's how my mind works...