Friday, April 17, 2009

Running behind

I've been slacking on blogging the last few days. I usually sit down and blog in the evenings since that's when I have some free time and usually something has gone on by then. But I've been working with a couple that's trying to buy a house for their daughter the last few nights and haven't been getting home until fairly late (right around 9:00). Don't get me wrong, I'm thrilled to be working with people at all, I just need to rework how and when I do the other things I want/need to get done. For example, cooking and cleaning.

Mister C has done more things around the house in the last week than he's probably done in the last year. Not that I mind. I kind of like that he's willing to step up to the plate, so to speak. His laundry skills are somewhat lacking though. I may have to ask Master J to give him a crash course in laundry 101. I pulled several "hand wash only" articles out of the washer yesterday before he could throw them into the dryer on super hot. He dries clothes like he cooks, hot and fast. And I can only assume he thinks that pulling all the clothes out of the dryer and stuffing them into a basket qualifies as "folding and putting away". On the bright side, Master J does have clean (albeit wrinkly) clothes to wear to school.

So hopefully, later on today, we'll be submitting the offer on the house we found yesterday and then we can sit back and wait for any results. But today I'm not working until all hours because Mister C is taking me out for dinner. I get to chose since it's my special day and I'm choosing my favorite Mexican place so there's no way I'm missing out on that.

So anyway, I'll try to be better than I have been but I may need to change my blogging time to first thing in the morning. Which would be fine, except that I don't really "do" mornings. Between forgetting everything that happened the day before and not really having enough caffeine in my system until some time in the afternoon, my posts could be a little shoddy. Guess we'll see how it goes and adjust accordingly. There, that was a big word, maybe I can stumble my way through this early morning stuff after all.


K-Mom said...

If you figure out how to balance the whole work/home thing, let me know. I'm beginning to think it's a myth like Sasquatch. :o)