Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Happy Hooligan

The Hooligan is a finicky little bugger. About half of the time he's extremely loving and won't leave someone alone, the other half he's either smacking people or acting terrified of them. I've taken his propensity for slapping people as they walk by and turned it into a "trick". I say "High Five" and he cuffs me. Makes it look like it's an interactive relationship instead of just him ruling the roost.

If Mister C is working from home, Hooligan is all over him. To the point that Mister C will bring him out and deposit him in my lap so he can get something done. But as soon as he lets go, the cat jumps down and follows him back into the office. Only when Mister C is traveling do I get the dubious honor of being the recipient of Hooligan's obsessive love.

Lately though, he's turned his incessant love towards the dog and Master J. Poor ADHD Girl has no idea what to do with him. He follows her around, winding around her legs as she's trying to walk and flinging himself against her when she stops. He rubs and head butts and everywhere she goes, he's righttighttoher. She looks completely confused and unsure of how she's supposed to act. She would love to chase him, but that's kind of hard when he's wrapped around her legs.

As for Master J, Hooligan usually sleeps with him for at least some portion of the night. And he watches tv when Master J lays on the floor. It's pretty cute actually. I tried to get a better picture and you would think with them laying there for 20 minutes I would have been able to do so. You'd be wrong. I think I had too much caffeine today because almost 100% of the pics came out just slightly blurry. This will have to do.