Friday, April 17, 2009


Well, not really "fail" in the classic sense of the word. Things didn't turn out the way I was hoping, but it wasn't for lack of trying on my part.

I wrote up a contract and submitted it for my clients. Ten minutes later, I got a call from the representative at the bank saying that they had already gotten six other offers and all of them were higher than my client's. Now, we had offered above the asking price and I already knew that my clients didn't want to spend any more than that, but I called them anyway just to be sure. As I expected they didn't want to up their offer but we did decide to go back out again tomorrow and try again. I will also say that the under $150,000 market seems to be quite competitive in this corner of the world.

On another note, Mister C picked Master J up after school today and they went shopping for me. They came home with a HUGE flower pot for my patio and a gorgeous rose bush to go in it. Which Mister C planted for me. Master J also picked out some purple petunias and they put those in another flower pot we have that was empty. So now my patio is looking just a little brighter and happier. Unfortunately I didn't get a picture of it while it was still light out but hopefully I'll get a chance to remedy that tomorrow.


K-Mom said...

We've noticed that around here too. Anything $200,000 or under isn't staying on the market very long. We have some friends who currently have their house listed for $375,000 and have barely had any traffic.

Things seem to be looking up, so that's good.