Tuesday, June 23, 2009


I worked in my team leader's office today to help them out since he's currently under staffed. He has one gal working with him right now in an administrative capacity. We'll call her 'K'.

It's a pretty small office and there were three of us working so it was close quarters. I was working on the offers that had come in over the last few days. All of the properties I was dealing with were REOs and all of them had multiple offers. In a multiple offer situation, the seller (bank) then asks us to get the "highest and best offer" from each of the potential buyers. One of the tasks I had to do early this afternoon was to call the buyer's agents and let them know the seller's were asking for this.

For the most part, when I called the buyer's agents, they answered their phone themselves. There were one or two that were answered by an assistant and then transferred, but they were in the minority. So getting through the calls went pretty quickly. K and I were talking in between calls because she was also showing me how to submit offers to the sellers. She was sitting about two feet to my left. Scott was about two feet to my right at his desk. The phone rang non-stop all day. It was basically controlled chaos.

I was about halfway through my list of calls when I came across an agent named Mike and started dialing his number. K was still talking to me as I dialed. Her phone rang about the same time as I put my phone to my ear after dialing. One ring later, a gal answers my phone call and I ask to speak with Mike. She immediately tells me there is no one there by that name, I must have a wrong number. I apologize and hang up. I turn back to K who is just finishing up her phone call and finish what we were saying. Then I look back at my paper to figure out if there's another number for Mike. As I'm looking, I'm talking to K...

Me: I can't figure this out, I must have dialed something wrong.
K: You have a bad number?
Me: I guess so. I didn't get the guy. Hmmm.....Oh! I know what I did! I dialed the wrong agent.
K: What do you mean?
Me: I dialed the selling agent instead of the buyer's agent!
K: Were you looking for Mike?
Me: Yeah.
K: Did they tell you that you dialed a wrong number?
Me: Yeah. I'm an idiot.
K: Oh my god! You dialed me!
Me: That was you?
K: That was me!
Me: How did I not hear you next to me?
K: How did I not hear you?

Both of us break down laughing.

Scott (without turning around) Oh. my. god. You two cannot sit together, your blondness is rubbing off on each other.

More uncontrollable laughter from both of us.

Scott (still not looking at us) I can't believe you two.

Apparently he doesn't know me well enough yet to expect this type of interaction. Mister C probably could have given him a heads up.