Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sparking Over Again

I'm starting over with SparkPeople again. Mister C and I were sitting around this morning discussing how we need to get back on the healthy eating and exercising routine. It got a little heated when he tried to say that his BMI was "about 30" and mine was "at least 30, probably closer to 40". Ummm, no. When I said that mine was about 27, he told me I was in denial. So I checked. His BMI is actually 28.4. Mine is 27.4. Now, understand that I am not bragging about being overweight, but I sure as heck am not in any sort of denial about it either.

Moving on. I had decent results when I used SparkPeople in the past so I thought I would check back in with it. Since mid-March (the last time I logged on), I have gained back 7 pounds and about 2 inches overall. That's not great. So we went for a walk. I did some crunches & (modified) push-ups. I had oatmeal and watermelon for breakfast/snack. I've drank 4 cups of water. And I've logged it all in.

Mister C on the other hand decided that he wants to try Nutrisystem for men. Which sounds to me like we're going to spend a large amount of money on packaged foods that will be unreasonable to keep up for any length of time. I guess if it's the catalyst he needs to get started, then it's probably fine. But we both have a lot of years of bad habits that are pretty well ingrained and I doubt that 30-90 days of using the microwave is going to fix that.

If Mister C wants to try what I believe to be an easy way to lose weight, a hard way to keep it off, I'll support him. But while he's doing that I'll be trying to make better choices and eat smaller portions. We'll both be trying for daily exercise. On July 12th when we next weigh in, we'll see where we're at. I hope we both lose.