Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Fingers crossed

Okay, so I was supposed to have my first closing yesterday but it didn't quite work out. For awhile it was looking like the whole thing was getting canceled but we've at least temporarily put that off. We got all of the paperwork that we needed and are now in underwriting. The only possible issue now is if the seller (a bank) decides to try and charge a per diem to my clients. Because my client has decided that that is her line in the sand. Even though they signed the paperwork saying that a per diem would be charged if the closing got delayed due to the buyers not being able to perform on time. To make it more interesting, she is completely blaming me for the delay in closing that could cause this per diem to be charged. Even though I have done everything in my power to get the whole thing this far. Why is she blaming me? Because I didn't tell her last Friday that a fax from a lawyer in Mexico regarding a transaction she did in Houston was incomplete. Why didn't I tell her that? Because it came in Friday afternoon and was in Spanish. It didn't get translated until late Monday and I was busy with another client. So I told her on Tuesday morning. The day we were supposed to close. But if we know anything about how this process works, we know that the fax would have to have been complete and translated no later than last Wednesday in order to close on this Tuesday. So how is this my fault again? Oh well, one story in my book of real estate escapades. It's all good.