Monday, July 6, 2009

Crazcation, take II

Guess where we are. Have you thought of a place? Let me give you a hint, it's not Fargo. Here's another hint: we're in a hotel and it's the first time almost all day where we've had cell phone coverage. Any ideas where we're at? Give up?

We're in Cheyenne, Wyoming.

I'm sure you're wondering how on earth we ended up in Wyoming when we're supposed to be flying out of the airport in Fargo in 22 hours. Well, our vacation has turned into a cross country trip.

Do you remember back to the last post? Where I mentioned the three day limit on sanity? Well, as predicted, we had a blowup. On the 4th of July. After a wonderful day at the lake.

After manipulating her way into getting us to allow Master J to go to the fireworks (that started at 10:30 at night), we stopped at the house long enough for him to get into his pajamas and brush his teeth before going back out for the festivities. Master J & I went upstairs to take care of business. Mister C & the outlaws stayed downstairs and within a minute, there was a blowup. We heard the screaming upstairs and Master J was horrified. About 10 minutes later there was a door slam and then silence. We waited a few minutes more and then went down. Mister C was alone. His parents, after making sure to get Master J excited about the fireworks, had simply left without us. Wow. Nice grandparents.

Master J was devastated and Mister C, not wanting to see his kid sad, suggested we walk around the neighborhood and see if we could see any of the fireworks. Only one problem, my shoes were in the back seat of his Mom's car. Because we were supposed to all go together. So I did what any good parent would do, I went barefoot. By the end, we had walked at least a mile and a half and seen a few decent fireworks. Master J was satisfied, Mister C had had enough and I just wanted to sit down.

The next morning, Mister C walked four miles to the airport to rent a car while I packed all of our stuff up. When he was almost back with the car, he called my cell and I moved the bags out to the porch. We had Master J say goodbye and we left. And now we are on a cross country adventure to make our vacation into a real vacation. You might say we're making lemonade out of the lemons we were handed.

So far it has been fun. On the first day, we stopped off at Mister C's grandfather's house and visited with him. Then we drove on to Dickinson, ND where we spent the night at a hotel that had a two story, indoor/outdoor, water slide. Master J wasn't too sure the first time he went down but he did do it. After that, it was "All system's GO!!!" and an attempt to see how fast he could come flying out of the end.

Today was a long day but pretty fun. We stopped by Mount Rushmore and Crazy Horse and took a bunch of pics. Just like every other tourist we had to get through. We got caught in a rainstorm and saw the most gorgeous double rainbow I've ever seen. Unfortunately all I had was my cell phone to take pictures with so I don't think they came out that great. Also, I don't have the cable to take them from my cell to my mac so until we get home there won't be any photos. I really wish I had brought my good camera, but honestly I wasn't planning on driving home. As a side note, when we got to the hotel tonight, they didn't have our reservation. Evidently we were supposed to confirm it with our credit card by six pm and Mister C thought they already had it since it was through his priority club. Because he spends so many nights in hotels, it was supposed to be a freebie and I was a little concerned that anything else around here was going to cost us an arm and a leg (if we could find anything at all). However, they took pity on us and offered us the only non-smoking room available. Which happened to be the executive suite. And gave it to us for free. Score!

Tomorrow won't be as long and hopefully we'll have time for Master J to try out the pool at the hotel. The thing he's been thrilled the most with has been all the coal trains we've passed the whole way here. And at the hotel we're in, we can see the trains (and hear them) so he was extra excited when we pulled up. It should make for interesting sleeping.

I can't wait to see what tomorrow brings.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you are on the best part of the vacation now.

Drive carefully.